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VR Lettuce Thinner

The first VR Lettuce Thinner was delivered in 2012 and it is still in operation.  While the system has evolved through the years, the core technology is tried and true.  Here is more information on on our thinner.


The V4 completed the modularization of the thinner.  There is one module per seed line with a single power connection.  The communication between lines and with the tractor is wireless providing for simple setup and robust reliability.  A 2nd, beneficial spray option is available.  The software has been recently updated to Neural Net AI where specific crops and weeds are recognized.  Our plant database continues to grow.

The V5 continues these advances.  The modules are easier to mount and are operable on 8 line beds.  Separate side-shift systems for each be is an available option.  The new modules include individual, automatic height adjustment eliminating the wheels on the bed.

The 4th generation thinner is the most modular and lightest weight ever and includes the option to spray two chemicals, the killer and a beneficial, on the lettuce.  The current thinner uses wireless connections to send data so there is simply a single 12V power connection to each line.  Individual hoods snap on and off and simple clamps enable easy positioning over the lines.  A side-shifting mechanism keeps the hoods aligned with the rows.  Each hood self levels.

Thinners can be built with any number of hoods enabling economical options for small and large farms.


The third generation thinner were the first with computers that operated in temperatures above 100 degrees.  These thinners were available with three-bed folding frames.


Earlier versions had progressively larger electronics, but were still modular and available in a variety of configurations.


The first thinners are not always pretty but they still work.

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