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Through the years, Vision Robotics has worked on many applications from consumer products, to industrial, agricultural and defense.  Many of these projects have led to turnkey solutions and others to technology that may easily be utilized in new applications.


The autonomous, intelligent grapevine pruner spur prunes with the quality of hand labor.

The thinner technology is applicable to weeding and other applications require vision to understand the environment and intelligently spray small areas such as weeding.  The goal may be to eliminate labor in organic fields or to  decrease the applied chemicals in other fields.  Vision Robotics is actively seeking strategic partners to enable it to expand this technology to new markets.


Growers need data for precision agriculture.  Vision Robotics has developed the technology to count apples on a tree, strawberries on a plant and branches on a vine.  All this information may be georeferenced and updated annually.  This information can improve operational efficiencies as well as changing how crops are grown to maximize yield.


Vision Robotics was recently awarded a semin-finalist in the Naturipe Blueberry Harvester Challenge.  We have worked on apple and orange fruit harvesting and pruning projects as well as projects for strawberry plant handling.  Until now, picking hands, other robot subsystems and price have limited efficacy for these systems.  The convergence of many fields have eased these limitations and these and other projects may now succeed. 


Stereo-vision based SLAM was Vision Robotics first technology.  It is now a mature technology that may be combined with other sensors to perform tasks in open
real world environments, both indoor and outdoor.  This includes exploring or providing services such as a butler.  This technology is available to integrate into a wide variety of products.

This third generation floor cleaning robot provides thorough, high power and intelligent vacuuming.  Vision Robotics' patented technology makes this the best possible robotic vacuum cleaner.

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