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Intelligent Inline Cultivator

Vision Robotics patented technology enables the industries best performance while the  low cost, robustness and innovative design makes the cultivator system applicable to farms of all sizes for a variety of crops


Intelligent, Inline Weeder - Cultivator

No two plants are the same and the cultivator should not treat them like they are.  The VR Cultivator's patented contour system enables the system to drive the blades along an optimized path on either side of the plant.  From the tablet interface, the operator can set the clearance around the plant or even set the blades to pass partially under the plant canopy.  This innovative technology provides the best available coverage along the plant row.

Crop Detection

The VR Cultivator uses Deep Learning Neural Nets to identify the crops and weeds.  Our data base is large and continues to grow.  New plants can be added in as little as a day once the preliminary images are collected.  The plants do not need to be green and can overlap.  The detection system even detects doubles.  


Each line is a self-contained module with a single power plug.  A full system can include any number of modules.  Data is transmitted wirelessly.  Each module has height sensors to keep the blades a constant depth into the ground.  Module mounts to a simple frame and can be integrated with other components.

Custom Contour Around Each Plant

The patented design uses electric motors driving each arm and blade enables optimized contours around each plant.  Hydraulic and pneumatic designs use mechanical stops that have to be set for the worst case and opening and closing speeds are set by the tractor.  Once started, these old systems make the same pattern around each plant and have large clearances to account for different plant sizes and alignment along the row.  The use of two motors eliminates these limitations.  Each arm only moves as much as required.  Even the shape is different for every plant.  

No two plants are the same so stop treating them that way

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