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Vision Robotics Corporation provides solutions and expertise for robotic systems and mechanization


Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC) has developed a proprietary and patented technology to produce robots that can understand and work in the real world. Our solutions employ vision-based mapping, localization, and navigation systems. Our systems include the latest AI technology such as Neural Net Deep Learning as well as our custom, mature vision algorithms.  Coupling our innovative software with the output of additional sensors provides a robust base for many applications. In short, VRC has created a uniquely robust and cost effective approach to robotics.


While robots are now capable of performing many tasks, it is not always easy.  VRC's vision-based algorithms enable robots to autonomously create three-dimensional maps of unknown areas of interest whether this is mapping a building or modeling a grapevine. The maps and models enable robots to intelligently and accurate perform a myriad of tasks whether it is vacuuming a floor or pruning a grapevine. Applications have systems that perform meticulous detailed work or tasks requiring robots to autonomously operate effectively in very complex environments and at speeds of up to and beyond 3 miles per hour.

  • Agricultural Mechanization

    • Lettuce Thinner

    • Mechanical Weeder/Cultivator

    • Spray Weeder

    • Grapevine Pruner

    • Crop Load Estimation

  • Machine Vision

  • Robotics Knowhow

  • SLAM - Simulatneous Localization and Mapping for mobile robots

    • Mapper

    • Vacuum Cleaner

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