Vision Robotics Corporation provides solutions and expertise for robotic systems and mechanization


Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC) has developed a proprietary and patented technology to produce robots that can understand and work in the real world. Our solutions employ vision-based mapping, localization, and navigation systems. Coupling our mature vision algorithms with the output of additional sensors provides a robust base for many applications. In short, VRC has created a uniquely robust and cost effective approach to robotics.


While robots are now capable of performing many tasks, it is not always easy.  VRC's vision-based algorithms enable robots to autonomously create three-dimensional maps of unknown areas of interest whether this is mapping a building or modeling a grapevine. The maps and models enable robots to intelligently and accurate perform a myriad of tasks whether it is vacuuming a floor or pruning a grapevine. Applications have systems that perform meticulous detailed work or tasks requiring robots to autonomously operate effectively in very complex environments and at speeds of up to and beyond 3 miles per hour.

  • SLAM - Simulatneous Localization and Mapping for mobile robots

    • Mapper

    • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Agricultural Mechanization

    • Lettuce Thinner

    • Weeder

    • Grapevine Pruner

    • Crop Load Estimation

  • Machine Vision

  • Robotics Knowhow